Recurring Hamstring Injury

Recurring Hamstring Injury

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I suffer a lot with a hamstring problem. Can you help it ?
A. Yes.  In the majority of cases.

Q. How can you fix it ?
A. It’s all explained farther down this page.

Q. How soon can you see me ?
A. Within a day or two of your phone call. See “Opening Hours” to the right for full details

About Recurring Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring Injury is an injury to the muscle/tendon cluster at the back of the thigh. When the injury keeps recurring it is often because of misalignment of the lower lumbar vertebrae (low back) at the facet joints.

The subsequent congestion of the buttock and hip muscles interferes with the nerve energy and blood supply going to the hamstring muscles. The brain is then not in full communication with the hamstring muscle and is unable to heal it completely, leaving it more prone to a recurring injury.In my experience, low back vertebral misalignment is the cause of many disorders of the lower body and legs.Some of these are;

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