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You don't deserve to live burdened by pain

Overlooking your body's pleas for relief could lead to:

  • Serious health complications
  • Limit your physical mobility, affecting your daily life
  • Inability to enjoy life with your loved ones​
  • Negatively affect your work performance

Ease Your Pain with a Nurturing Deep Tissue Massage.

Outside of Carlow Pain Clinic, where you can get Spinology, Chiropractor, massage.

Relieve Pain with a Deep Tissue Massage from Carlow Pain Clinic

Remove the pain and enjoy your daily life:

  • Melt stress away
  • Erase headaches & migraines
  • Banish pain and tension
  • Ignite relaxation and energy
  • Fortify your immunity
  • Enhance your sleep
  • Elevate your mood

Let decades expertise guide your path to relief.

Outside of Carlow Pain Clinic, where you can get Spinology, Chiropractor, massage.
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Brian T. Moore

40 Years in Pursuit of Effective Pain Solutions

Trained in Philadelphia and practicing since 1984, Brian has spent the last 40 years treating people in pain. One thing that Brian's experience's have reinforced is his belief in the body's impressive ability to heal itself, given the right push.

"Many people see non medical therapies as a last resort. It gives me great satisfaction helping my clients get rid of their disorders and restoring their quality of life" - Brian T Moore

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Deep Tissue Massage Carlow

Deep muscle / tissue massage is a form of massage therapy that focuses on relaxing and releasing the deeper muscles, ligaments and tendons in the areas of discomfort. It is very like normal massage therapy but the pressure applied in the area being massaged is greater and usually slower. It can be painful but only to the extent that a client can cope with. The client can always say stop.

When there is an old injury and the muscle pain has become chronic there are often adhesions, areas of painful tense tissue, formed in the muscle, ligaments and tendons. This tension in the tissue interferes with the flow of blood and nerve energy in and beyond that area. The deep muscle massage relaxes the muscle. That allows the blood and energy to flow as it should.

When the blood flows through the area it flushes out the build up of lactic acid reducing the pain almost immediately.

In Chinese Medicine pain is seen as a blockage of energy. If you release the blockage you relieve the pain. I regularly see people with sciatica getting great relief from deep muscle massage out on the hip. The massage relaxed the muscle and allowed the energy to flow again.

There is usually some discomfort after this kind of massage but the benefits far outweigh the discomfort.


Joe O Byrne

“Have been attending Carlow Pain Clinic for over 20 years. Excellent service and advice with a very friendly atmosphere. Brian goes above and beyond to get me sorted, much to his own exasperation as to how I did what I did to myself !!Many Blessings to him."


Ciara Daly

Have been attending Brian for a few years now and have found massive relief from years of chronic pain. I would recommend Brian to everyone, from small issues to chronic pain like myself, he works miracles!"


Ciaran Thornton

"I came in here in a really bad way with crippling lower back pain. Brian was extremely courteous, generous and professional with my time. Leaving after the first session I felt immediate relief. I went back for a second session a week later and felt totally fine and back to normal after it. I was amazed how quick the turnaround in my condition was and I would highly recommend anyone suffering from back pain to go and see Brian."


Rosemary Bourne

“I went to see Brian because i was in a lot of pain from arthritis. He saw me at his home because it was nearer for me.  He used various methods to sort out my back and legs. He was extremely kind and helped enormously. I went to see him regularly, and as pains improved i only went to see him for certain areas that needed help. It was always lovely to see him and I have told my friends to go to him if they needed help."


Eoghan Murphy

“I have attended Brian for 31 years now... From that initial injury when I wrenched my back working a 'Summer job', to sports injuries, neck & back pain following a car crash, to migraine, general wear & tear and the dreaded aches of old age setting in! - Brian always finds where the problem area is and provides relief and mobility. I can honestly say that, post car crash, the sessions with Brian allowed me to remain mobile enough to continue working and remain involved in sport even though there had been sufficient injuries caused to require back and neck surgery. And post surgeries, Brian's sessions were also key to recovery and being able to resume all the things I had been doing previously."



“Brian was recommended to me after a number of visits to about 10 different physio's. The last physio said he couldn't help and suggested I try Brian. I tried a number of other types of treatment prior to this also. I was traveling from Galway so a little apprehensive. I had a few sessions a week with Brian over a couple of weeks and saw a massive improvement and most of all finally some relief from pain. I went back a few times since when needed and again got relief. Brian was very accommodating and offered appointments at his home on days he wasn't available in the clinic. Would definitely recommend."


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