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Brian T. Moore

Helping Bodies Heal Themselves Since 1984

Decades of hands-on experience have fortified Brian's unwavering belief in the human body's extraordinary healing prowess. Time and again, he's marvelled at the miracles the body can perform with just a nudge in the right direction.

From Philadelphia Graduate to Carlow's Trusted Spinologist

I am in practice as a spinologist since I graduated in Philadelphia in 1984. I set up my first practice in Castledermot Co. Kildare and had out-practices in Kilkenny and Enniscorthy for a number of years. In 1999 I moved back to my old family home in Grange Con. Co Wicklow and moved my practice to Carlow town.

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Brian's Personal Insights

In my many years of practice I have witnessed many many times how marvellous the body is at healing itself if it gets the little bit of help it needs.

I want to share with you some of the knowledge I have gleaned, and theories I have developed from my experiences while working on people all these years.

I see myself as a facilitator, I help the body to help itself. The body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself. Misalignment of the vertebrae at the facet joints can cause restriction to the flow of nerve energy, (communications) to and from the body’s organs, glands and other structures. The brain is then unable to fully control all the body’s functions. this is when dis-ease and disorder sets in. Almost all common disorders in the body can be caused by misalignment of the vertebrae. (See Symptoms and Disorders)

Many people see non medical therapies as a last resort. It gives me great satisfaction helping my clients get rid of their disorders and restoring their quality of life.

- Brian T Moore

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Joe O Byrne

“Have been attending Carlow Pain Clinic for over 20 years. Excellent service and advice with a very friendly atmosphere. Brian goes above and beyond to get me sorted, much to his own exasperation as to how I did what I did to myself !!Many Blessings to him."


Ciara Daly

Have been attending Brian for a few years now and have found massive relief from years of chronic pain. I would recommend Brian to everyone, from small issues to chronic pain like myself, he works miracles!"


Ciaran Thornton

"I came in here in a really bad way with crippling lower back pain. Brian was extremely courteous, generous and professional with my time. Leaving after the first session I felt immediate relief. I went back for a second session a week later and felt totally fine and back to normal after it. I was amazed how quick the turnaround in my condition was and I would highly recommend anyone suffering from back pain to go and see Brian."


Rosemary Bourne

“I went to see Brian because i was in a lot of pain from arthritis. He saw me at his home because it was nearer for me.  He used various methods to sort out my back and legs. He was extremely kind and helped enormously. I went to see him regularly, and as pains improved i only went to see him for certain areas that needed help. It was always lovely to see him and I have told my friends to go to him if they needed help."


Eoghan Murphy

“I have attended Brian for 31 years now... From that initial injury when I wrenched my back working a 'Summer job', to sports injuries, neck & back pain following a car crash, to migraine, general wear & tear and the dreaded aches of old age setting in! - Brian always finds where the problem area is and provides relief and mobility. I can honestly say that, post car crash, the sessions with Brian allowed me to remain mobile enough to continue working and remain involved in sport even though there had been sufficient injuries caused to require back and neck surgery. And post surgeries, Brian's sessions were also key to recovery and being able to resume all the things I had been doing previously."



“Brian was recommended to me after a number of visits to about 10 different physio's. The last physio said he couldn't help and suggested I try Brian. I tried a number of other types of treatment prior to this also. I was traveling from Galway so a little apprehensive. I had a few sessions a week with Brian over a couple of weeks and saw a massive improvement and most of all finally some relief from pain. I went back a few times since when needed and again got relief. Brian was very accommodating and offered appointments at his home on days he wasn't available in the clinic. Would definitely recommend."


Brian combines these therapies to tailor each session to your needs

What Is Spinology?

“Spinology” is a non-medical philosophy and practice which seeks to help the body function at its best possible level. It does this by helping to keep the spinal bones (vertebrae) in a proper relationship with each other. This maintains normal pressure on the spinal nerves and allows the body to achieve its maximum potential.

The nerve system, which consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, is the control and communications network for the body. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord but when there are misalignments of the vertebrae at the facet joints (sometimes referred to as ‘slipped discs’) the pressure of the misalignment alters the environment of the nerve roots.

There is a basic law of physics that says “If you alter the structure you alter the function”. This abnormal pressure on the nerve roots alters the structure of the nerves… so it follows, their function must be altered. The function of nerves is communication to and from the brain to all body ‘parts’.

This alteration interferes with the proper flow of communications between the brain and the body’s organs and systems. It can act like a dimmer switch on a light, turning down the power so the brain is unable to fully control the normal functions of the body.

Many of the functions of the body are chemical and when there is restriction in the communication from the brain we can get an imbalance in the chemicals in any given area. This chemical imbalance is the main cause of many of our disorders.

Spinologists do not diagnose or treat specific symptoms but work with gentle spinal adjustments to clear the misalignments and allow the body to heal itself. The main philosophy of Spinology is to get your spine checked on a regular basis to help the body stay well but it has to “get well” in order for it to stay well and it is to this end that I use other therapies in conjunction with Spinology. When the disorders have healed the main philosophy really kicks in. It is just basic common sense to get your spine worked on just to stay well and not go back to the having the disorders/symptoms return. I have found once a month works well for most people.

If you go to the Symptoms and Disorders I have listed a large number of disorders which the body was able to heal when the misalignments were corrected, thereby removing the pressures from the nerve roots. I have also given my explanation and theories on the causes of these disorders.

I must stress all the material in the Symptoms and Disorders is what I have learned in my 40 years working on people, asking them questions and listening to their feedback after my work on them. It is not Spinology or the teachings of Spinology.


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