Period Pain

Period Pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I suffer very bad pains, sometimes for days before my period starts. Can you help me ?
A. Yes, in most cases I will be able to help. In a small percentage of cases the pain is not caused by the disorder I work on.

Q. Do you use medication ?
A. I never use medication. I help the body to heal itself. Read the rest of this page for further information.

Q. How soon can I get an appointment ?
A. Within a few days of contacting me

About Period Pain

It is normal for women to suffer pain associated with their menstrual cycle. This occurs a few days before your period and usually improves when bleeding begins.

It is not normal to suffer very severe pain before or during your period.

If you are one of the above group don’t just accept it as your fate, find out why and get it sorted. Some of the reasons require medical intervention but that is not the only option.In my 26 years in practice I have worked on many women with this condition and the vast majority of them had misalignment of the lumbar vertebrae at the facet joints.The misalignments put pressure on the nerve roots which interferes with the communications between the brain and the body parts served by those nerves. The brain is then not in full control causing a chemical imbalance    and partial loss of muscle control in the area.A vast amount of our bodily functions depend on the correct chemical balance in our systems. If there is an imbalance in any given area that area will develop a disorder/symptom. The longer the chemical imbalance goes on the more severe the symptoms will become.Long term misalignments of the vertebrae in any area of the spine always cause disorders to some area of our health. Severe period pain is just one of these.My job is to correct the misalignments of the vertebrae. That takes the pressure off the nerves which in turn restores the communication to and from the brain. The body’s systems are then able to function correctly, the disorders heal up and the pain goes away.

This applies to a lot of our everyday disorders. The body is wonderful at healing itself but sometimes it needs a helping hand to do so. I use Spinology, deep muscle massage, CranioSacral Therapy and Scenar Therapy to help me correct the misalignments of the vertebrae. Pain relief is usually immediate and it may take a few sessions to be fully symptom free.