What is Craniosacral Therapy?

CranioSacral therapy or CST is a subtle and profound healing form. In a typical session, you will usually lie (or sometimes sit) fully-clothed on a treatment couch. The therapist will make contact by placing their hands lightly on your body and tuning into the bodies energy rhythms. This relaxes the bodies’ muscles and helps to restore misaligned bones to their proper position.

A CranioSacral therapist essentially helps the body release restrictions – which it has been unable to overcome on its own.

What does CranioSacral Therapy feel like?

The first thing clients notice is a sense of deep relaxation as tension is being released. People often talk of feeling as if they have ‘had their batteries charged’. Sometimes people feel tingling or a gentle numbing sensation. When this settles, the net result is one of feeling better and less stressed.

Clients often report having more energy, sleeping better and being unwell less often.

Benefits of CranioSacral Therapy

CST has been shown to alleviate a wide range of conditions, including migraine, headaches, joint misalignment problems, stress and tension-related illnesses, fatigue and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.Due to its gentleness and effectiveness, CST combines well with other therapies. Brian combines CST with Spinology, Deep Muscle Massage and Scenar Therapy in order to deliver a complete healing programme.

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