Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have been told my pain is “just muscle pain”, can you help me get rid of it. I’m fed up taking tablets. ?
A. Yes. Muscle pain is usually easy to treat successfully.

Q. What causes it and what can you do for it ?
A. Read on down this page to find out the cause and treatment.

Q. How soon can I get an appointment ?
A. Within a day or two. See our “Opening hours” to the right for more details.

About Muscle Pain

Muscles don’t get sore without a good reason! When there are misalignments of the vertebrae the body tries to correct them. The muscles in the area contract to try to pull the bones back into their correct alignment. When the muscles are unable to do this they stay contracted.

A contracted, or working muscle produces a waste product which is mostly lactic acid and it builds up causing congestion in the muscle. This congestion is what is generally called Muscle Pain’. The longer the misalignment is left untreated the larger the area of soreness becomes.

Don’t be put off by someone telling you ‘Its only muscle pain’.

You have either hurt the muscle or it is trying to pull the bones back into their correct alignment. If it is just getting progressively sorer then it is almost always trying to correct a misalignment. Come and get it treated.

I use deep muscle massage, Spinology. and CranioSacral Therapy to correct the misalignments. The muscles relax and the blood flowing through them flushes out the lactic acid and with it the soreness.

There is usually relief from the first session and it usually takes a few sessions for the body to heal itself fully.