Sciatica, Leg Pain and Knee Pain

Sciatica, Leg Pain and Knee Pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a pain down my leg. Can you help me ?
A. Yes. In the vast majority of cases it will ease after the first visit
and clear up completely quite quickly.

Q. How soon can I see you ?
A. Usually same day or next day appointments.
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Q. How do I find your clinic ?
A. Click "Book an Appointment" below and you'll find the map on that page.

About Sciatica, Leg Pain and Knee Pain

Sciatica or leg pain is usually caused by misalignment of the facet  joints of the  L5 and S1 vertebrae.

The misalignment puts pressure on the nerves going down the leg which usually causes the pain. The location of the pain is dependent on which nerves are the most affected.  This is sometimes called a pinched or trapped nerve.

I have discovered over the years that leg pain can be generated in the constantly contracted muscle of the buttock or hip. Similar to cases of low back pain, in a continuously contracted muscle the lactic acid build up increases and the muscle becomes hard and painful as blood flow becomes more and more restricted.

Knee Pain is a normal symptom of this disorder.

Another cause of sciatica is a ruptured spinal disc. In a fairly small percentage of low back pain cases, sciatica is caused by a disc which has bulged and ruptured.  The ruptured disc pressing on the spinal cord or nerve root is the problem.

It is my belief that this bulge occurs after prolonged misalignment of the vertebrae at the facet joints causing unequal pressures on the disc. This is when an operation is required and a good surgeon operating with the benefit of a correct diagnosis can perform miracles. Most people over forty will have bulging discs but will not be in any pain from them.