Chest Pain

Chest Pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have constant chest pain and my doctor says there is nothing major wrong with me. Can you help ?
A. Yes. In most cases like this you will get immediate relief.

Q. What do you think is wrong with me ?
A. Read on down this page for that information.

Q. When can I get an appointment with you ?
A. Go to "Book an Appointment" to make an almost immediate appointment.

About Chest Pain

Chest pain, Chest Infections, Irregular heartbeat, Coughing, Wheezing, Shortness of Breath, Indigestion, Tiredness, Sore Breasts etc, can all be caused by misalignment of the mid thoracic vertebrae.

If you have been checked out by your doctor for heart and lung problems etc and no problems were found you should come to me and have your spine checked. There are 24 moveable vertebrae in the spine with 50 ‘facet joints’ in pairs where one vertebra joins the other and at the top and bottom of the spine where it joins the Occiput and the Sacrum.

The facet joints govern the movement of the spine but when a force goes into the joint that is greater than the muscles of the joint can absorb it causes a misalignment of the vertebrae in that area.

When there is misalignment of the vertebrae pressure is put on the nerve root which branches out from the spinal cord and goes to the body parts in the area.

The nerve system is the communications network for the body. The brain controls all the body’s systems using the nerves as pathways for the signals to and from the brain.

The pressure put on the nerve roots caused by the misalignments of the vertebrae acts like a dimmer switch on a light, it turns down the power going from the brain to the affected part of the body. Therefore the brain is not in full control of the affected part and is the reason for the many disorders caused by the misalignments.

I use deep muscle massage, Scenar Therapy,  CranioSacral Therapy and Spinology to help me correct the misalignments. That takes the pressure off the nerves allowing for the proper flow of nerve energy between the brain and the affected part. The body is then able to heal the disorder.

There is usually immediate relief for all the problems mentioned above and it usually takes a few sessions to get the body to heal fully.