Breast Pain or Breast Soreness

Breast Pain or Breast Soreness

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have constant breast pain / soreness. Can you help me ?
A. Yes. In almost all cases. It usually takes  3 or 4  therapy sessions.

Q. What kind of treatment do you use ?
A. Read on down this page for further information.

Q. When can I get an appointment ?
A. Usually in the next few days. See “Opening Hours<” to the right for details

Breast Pain & Breast Soreness

It’s a bit hard to believe but it’s a fact that in many cases sore or painful breasts are caused by misalignment of the upper to mid thoracic vertebrae. In these cases the breastbone will be sore or painful when firm pressure is applied. It is also likely to be sore or painful when pressure is applied under the arms at the outside of the breasts.

When there are misalignments of the vertebrae the body tries to correct them. The muscles in the area contract to try to pull the bones back into their correct alignment. When the muscles are unable to do this they stay contracted.

A contracted, or working muscle produces a waste product which is mostly lactic acid and it builds up causing congestion in the muscle. This congestion is what is generally called Muscle Pain. The longer the misalignment is left untreated the larger the area of soreness becomes.

Misalignments in the upper to mid thoracic area affect the ribs which attach to the breastbone. The ribs are out of position at the spine which affects how they join at the breastbone. The muscles contract to correct the problem and just get progressively more congested and sore.

I use Spinology, CranioSacral Therapy and massage to correct the misalignments. That allows the muscles to relax and let the blood flowing through them flush out the lactic acid. The pain and soreness goes away and the body is able to heal the disorder.

There is usually immediate relief and it usually takes a few sessions to get the body to heal fully.