Sinus and Face Rash

Sinus and Face Rash

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have suffered with  sinusitis / face rash for years. Can your therapies help me ?
A. Yes.  Sinus and face rash problems are usually easy to clear up. The longer you have the condition the slower it heals.

Q. How many visits will I need ?
A. Normally it will need between two and six visits.

Q. How quickly can I have an appointment ?
A. Usually within a couple of days of contacting me.

Sinus and Face Rash

Blocked sinus can be a very painful & uncomfortable condition.  Relief is usually instantaneous where misalignment is the cause.

In my experience Sinus problems are almost always caused by misalignment of the Occiput & Atlas vertebrae. This is right at the top of the neck where it meets the skull.

Soreness in the muscle at this area and down the skull to just under the ears is a common symptom of this disorder and should be attended to as soon as possible.

This misalignment puts pressure on the veins which are part of the drainage system for the head. In my opinion this reduces the flow of used fluids out of the head causing an excess of fluids to build up in the sinuses and put an abnormal pressure on the brain and on the cranial nerves.

I believe this abnormal pressure on the nerves causes them not to function correctly and consequently cause many different kinds of disorder to the head and brain.

There is a basic law of physics which says, “If you alter the structure you alter the function”.

The abnormal pressure on the cranial nerves alters their structure and it follows that their function must be altered.

The function of nerves is communication. When they are altered by the abnormal pressure on them they can no longer function at 100% of their capacity so there can now be a lack of, or distortion of communication within the cranial vault.

As well as Sinus this can cause disorders in the ability to Taste, Smell, Hear or See. It also appears to be the root cause of  Migraine and other Headaches, Acne, Face Rashes, Neuralgia, Vertigo, Ear Infection and Tinnitus.  Bad Temper  PMS, Etc.

My job as a Spinologist is to correct the misalignment of the vertebrae. The pressure is removed from the nerves and the communications system is restored, muscles can relax and the body is then able to heal itself and get rid of these disorders. Usually the relief is instant so my clients go home feeling they are on the way to recovery.