Migraine & Other Headaches

Migraine & Other Headaches

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you cure Migraine / Headaches ?
A. Yes in almost all cases I can get rid of the cause of Migraine and most other headaches.

Q. Will my headaches be completely gone. ?
A. They may be gone for ever or they can re-occur later.

Q. How many therapy sessions does it normally take” ?
A. Most people will get relief from the first session. It will normally need a few sessions for permanent relief from an old problem.

Q. How soon can I get an appointment ?
A. For Migraine usually the same day.

About Migraine & Other Headaches

The typical migraine symptoms can include Nausea, Vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sound as well as a very severe headache. It is usually pulsating on one side of the head and can last from four to seventy two hours.
Approximately one third of people who suffer from Migraine will get a sign that a Migraine will occur soon. This will be a visual, olfactory or other sensory experience.

In my experience Migraine & Other headaches are almost always caused by misalignment of the cervical vertebrae. In most cases these headaches are caused by misalignment of the Occiput & Atlas vertebrae. This is right at the top of the neck where it meets the skull. Soreness in the muscle at this area and down the skull to just under the ears is a common symptom of this disorder and the person can also be sore in other areas of the head. It can be very painful to brush or comb the hair.

This misalignment puts pressure on the veins which are the drainage system for the head. In my opinion this reduces the flow of used fluids out of the head causing an excess of fluids to build up inside the skull and put an abnormal pressure on the brain and on the cranial nerves.

I believe this abnormal pressure on the nerves causes them not to function correctly and consequently cause many different kinds of disorder to the head and brain.  There is a basic law of physics which says, “If you alter the structure you alter the function”.

The abnormal pressure on the cranial nerves alters their structure and it follows that their function must be altered.

The function of nerves is communication. When they are altered by the abnormal pressure on them they can no longer function at 100% of their capacity so there can be a lack of, or distortion of communication within the cranial vault.

This can cause disorders in the ability to Taste, Smell, Hear or See. It also appears to be the root cause of Facial Rashes and Numbness, Neuralgia, Vertigo,  Sinus,  Ear Infections, Acne and Tinnitus.

My job as a Spinologist is to correct the misalignment of the vertebrae. When the vertebrae are correctly aligned the pressure is taken off the nerves, the muscles are able to relax and the body is then able to heal itself and get rid of the disorders. Usually the relief is instant so my clients go home feeling they have found the answer at last.

Catherine, a client of mine, told me recently both she and her younger brother have not had a migraine since attending me 15 years ago. They had both been constant migraine sufferers.