Tinnitus and Dizziness

Tinnitus and Dizziness

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you stop this constant buzzing in my ear and my “Dizziness” ?
A. Yes, in almost all cases the buzzing will reduce in intensity or go away completely. Dizziness will go completely.

Q. How many visits does it normally take ?
A. Usually between  two and six visits for either complaint.

Q. What causes these disorders ?
A. My explanations can be seen further down this page.

Q. How soon can I have an appointment with you ?
A. Within a couple of days of contacting me.

Tinnitus and Dizziness

Tinnitus is a continual noise in the ear which can manifest itself as ringing, humming, hissing or buzzing. At best it is very annoying and at its worst it can take over the persons life. It is often worse at night when the person is trying to go to sleep.

A number of my clients suffer from this problem and in about 80% of cases I am able to help them.

It appears to be almost always caused by misalignment of the Occiput & Atlas vertebrae. This is right at the top of the neck where it meets the skull. There will be soreness in this area when firm pressure is applied.

This misalignment puts pressure on the veins which are part of the drainage system for the head. In my opinion this reduces the flow of used fluids out of the head causing an excess of fluids to build up in the sinuses and put an abnormal pressure on the brain and on the cranial nerves and blood vessels.

I believe this abnormal pressure on the nerves and blood vessels causes them not to function correctly and consequently cause many different kinds of disorder to the head and brain.

Tinnitus is just one of them. Others are:

All of these problems respond positively to my therapies.

When I work on the misalignments of the upper cervical vertebrae for Tinnitus in the majority of cases the noise will diminish or go away completely in people up to about 60 years old. In older people it is more difficult. However, in some cases there is no change in the noise levels, indicating that the cause is other than the misalignment of the vertebrae.