Groin Pain

Groin Pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you get rid of my groin pain ?
A. Yes if it is as described below.

Q. How many visits will it need ?
A. It usually takes between two and six visits and the pain is less severe after the first visit.

About Groin Pain

The type of Groin, Testicle or Vaginal pain which respond to my therapies usually starts as a slight nagging pain and gets progressively worse. It can become very severe and is often worse with exercise.

There will be no bruising and little or no swelling in the affected area. In some, but not all cases there will be lower back pain.

This Groin, Testicle or Vaginal pain is almost always caused by misalignment of the lower lumbar vertebrae at the facet joints. In most of these cases the pelvis is tilted giving the effect of one leg being longer than the other. The simple way to check the leg length at home is to get the person to lie flat and straight on a bed, pull the feet together and check are the points of the ankles directly opposite each other. There can be a difference of more then a centimetre in them.

The misalignment puts pressure on the nerve root going to the groin area.
It is often called a pinched or trapped nerve and is the usual cause of the pain described above.

I use massage, CranioSacral Therapy and Spinology to correct the misalignment. It takes the pressure off the nerve root and the body is then able to heal the problem and the pain goes away. Simple.
There is usually good relief after the first therapy session but it can take a few visits to allow the body to heal itself fully.
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