Frozen Shoulder & Shoulder Pain

Frozen Shoulder & Shoulder Pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have frozen shoulder. Can you help that ?
A. Yes. It usually is much less painful after the first therapy session. It will normally need three or four sessions.

Q. When can I have an appointment ?
A. Usually within a day or two.

About Frozen Shoulder & Shoulder Pain

Frozen shoulder, or ‘adhesive capsulitis’  is a condition that causes restriction of motion in the shoulder joint. The shoulder becomes very painful and it can be very difficult to raise the arm above the height of the shoulder joint.

The cause of a Frozen Shoulder (Shoulder Pain) is not well understood by the medical profession and it often occurs for no reason known to them. Frozen shoulder, when not resolved early, can cause the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint to contract and form scar tissue. Most often, frozen shoulder occurs with no associated injury or discernible cause. There are patients who develop a frozen shoulder after a traumatic injury to the shoulder, but this is not the norm. I have worked on many people with Frozen Shoulder and in all cases they had misalignment of the C7 or T1 vertebrae and many times both vertebrae were out of alignment. When I achieve the realignment of the vertebrae the body heals the Frozen Shoulder. The misalignment of the vertebrae causes pressure on the nerve roots branching out from the spinal cord and going out to the shoulder joints and of course down the arms. The nerves are the communications system between the brain and the body’s parts. The brain monitors and controls all the body’s systems all the time to ensure a healthy body.

When the pressure is put on the nerve roots it acts like a dimmer switch on a light, it interferes with the flow of nerve energy to and from the brain.

In the case of Frozen Shoulder I believe it interferes with the function of the bursa rendering them incapable of lubricating the shoulder joints adequately. (Bursitis) It also causes muscles to contract in and around the shoulder area.

Over a period of time these problems combine to cause the Frozen Shoulder. It usually starts as little more than a nuisance, and gets progressively worse. The same two vertebrae out of alignment almost always also cause;   Arm Pain, Elbow pain,  Hand or Finger pain or lack of power or numbness in the hands or fingers. I use deep muscle massage, CranioSacral Therapy and Spinology to free up the facet joints of these vertebrae and allow them to come back within their proper range of movement. That takes the pressure off the nerve roots, allows the muscles to relax and allows the body to heal the disorder. It usually takes a few sessions but there is usually good improvement after the first visit.