Pre-Menstrual Stress (PMS)

Pre-Menstrual Stress (PMS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you do anything for PMS ?
A. Yes, in almost all cases you will get immediate relief.

Q. How can you do that. Do you use medication ?
A. No, I never use medication. Read on down this page for further information.

Q. How do I find your clinic.
A. Click on the “Book an Appointment” button below.

About Pre-Menstrual Stress (PMS)

Premenstrual stress syndrome is the term given to mood swing, anxiety and depression occurring before or during menstruation.

It is a relatively common problem. It occurs in up to three out of every four women. It is thus more common than is generally thought.

In my experience PMS is almost always caused by misalignment of the Occiput & Atlas vertebrae.

This is right at the top of the neck where it meets the skull. In the case of PMS these misalignments are there all the time and the person is only aware of them due to the hormonal changes at period time.

This misalignment puts pressure on the veins which are the drainage system for the head. In my opinion this reduces the flow of used fluids out of the head causing an excess of fluids to build up inside the skull and put an abnormal pressure on the brain and on the cranial nerves.

I believe this abnormal pressure on the nerves causes them not to function correctly and consequently cause many different kinds of disorder to the head and brain.

There is a basic law of physics which says, “If you alter the structure you alter the function”. The abnormal pressure on the cranial nerves alters their structure and it follows that their function must be altered.

The function of nerves is communication. When they are altered by the abnormal pressure on them they can no longer function at 100% of their capacity so there can now be a lack of, or distortion of communication within the cranial vault. It appears to cause tension in some of the muscles of the head, face and neck and can cause disorders in the ability to Taste, Smell, Hear or See. It also appears to be the root cause of Stress, Facial Rashes, Acne, Neuralgia, Tinnitus,  Vertigo,  Sinus, Migraine and other Headaches. Anger, Bad Temper. Etc.

My job as a Spinologist is to help the body correct the misalignment of the vertebrae. The pressure is taken off the nerves restoring communications and the body is then able to heal itself and get rid of all these disorders.

I use Massage and CranioSacral Therapy and Spinology to help me correct the misalignments. If I achieve a good release in the joint the response of the body is instant so my clients get immediate  relief and know they are on the road to recovery.