Asthma and Croup

Asthma and Croup

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you cure my child’s Asthma/ Croup ?
A. The child usually gets instant relief after the first therapy session. He / she will usually need more than one session.

Q. Does the treatment hurt the child ?
A. No. I usually do massage and gentle spinal work.

Q. How does it help ?
A. Read the rest of this webpage for full information.

Q. How quickly can I get an appointment with you ?
A. Usually in a day or two.

About Asthma and Croup

Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterised by difficulty in breathing. Croup is a throat condition characterised by a laboured cough and again, difficulty in breathing. In my work Asthma and Croup respond in the same way. Spinology works miracles for both.

An asthma attack is when your lungs aren’t getting enough air to breathe. Your child might be having an asthma attack if he or she has:

• Trouble breathing
• Wheezing
• Coughing
• Chest pain
• Chest tightness.

In my years of practice since I graduated in November 1984 I have worked on many asthmatics. They are mostly children but adults also suffer from asthma. I love to work on the children as I know it will make such a difference to their entire lives. They will be able to grow and develop like any other child rather than be hampered by the constant restrictions of being an asthmatic.

Asthma and Croup are caused, in most instances, by misalignment of the vertebrae at the facet joints in the upper and mid thoracic area of the spine.  The facet joints are the joints of the spine that control the movement of the spine. There is a pair of joints where one vertebra meets the one above or below it. There are 24 moveable vertebrae with the Occiput at the top and the sacrum at the bottom. In all that gives us fifty facet joints.

Misalignment of these joints causes many of the common disorders in the body. A list of many of these can be found on my Symptoms page.

In the case of asthma and croup it is misalignment of the joints from T3 to T8 that seem to cause most of the problems. When the joints are misaligned they put pressure on the nerve roots that branch out from the spinal cord and go to the body ‘parts’ in that area.

There is a basic law of physics that says ‘If you alter the structure you alter the function’. The pressure on the nerve roots alters the structure of the nerves so it follows the function is altered. The function of nerves is communication to and from the brain to all body ‘parts’. That pressure acts like a dimmer switch on a light. It turns down the power from the brain to the area in question.

In people with asthma it is the lungs that are affected. I believe there is a tightening of the facia and the muscles in the area and the chemical balance is altered. I believe that these things combine to cause the asthma as when I get good adjustment of the joints the relief is instantaneous. The person can breathe more easily and their energy level can come up dramatically. It changes their whole life.

Constant Tiredness, Irregular Heartbeat  Indigestion,  Heartburn,  Chest Infections, Chest Pain, Breast Pain or soreness and shortness of breath are some of the symptoms caused by the same vertebral misalignments as Asthma and Croup. It is different nerves that are affected which result in different disorders and different symptoms. The response to a few sessions of my therapies is usually amazing, there is instant dramatic improvement.

Case Study

Many years ago a seven year old boy, Patrick, visited me with his mother, Marie. Patrick was using two inhalers four times a day and needed tablets at night for a serious asthmatic condition. Following the first session of Spinology, he reduced his medication to one inhaler occasionally and no tablets. I saw him at that time for a few sessions and on and off over the next few years. He is now an adult and comes for a visit once in a while if he feels he needs it.

I did just one session on John; a seven year old Wexford boy whose mother, Angela, told me had suffered with croup and asthma since he was three weeks old. She said she “had to bring him into the hospital a few times and we nearly lost him” and mentioned that “all the X-rays showed was a shadow on his lung”.

Some years later I met Angela and she told me that for the three days following his visit, he had coughed up a black tar-like substance. I believe this is what was seen in the x-ray as a shadow on his lung. She also told me that 18 months later he got the ‘all-clear’ from the hospital for his asthma and croup.

This is the stuff of miracles and I will never forget it!