Six weeks ago I gave an appointment to a young lady, I’ll call her Justine, who was suffering from back pains.  When she came into my waiting room I was working on another client and as I have a camera in the waiting room I looked up and saw her putting the magazines off the table into her handbag. I watched her for a while and needless to remark I was not thinking well of the girl as she continued on her mission of selecting the ones she wanted and putting them in the bag.

When she came into my office I took her details and worked on the areas where she was having trouble. All went very well but when I worked on her head and neck I realised she had major problems in the upper cervical area and when I worked on them I got a great response to my therapies.

I told Justine that the misalignments in the neck would cause pressure to build up in her head and might be causing her to do what I had seen in the waiting room. She then told me she has a kleptomania problem for a few years, has had therapy and counselling for it but was unable to stop it.

Justine told me that she did it because she was stressed and unable to cope with life. Stealing  something relieved the stress.  She hated being the way she was and had got into trouble several times over it.      

Due to miscommunication Justine did not come back for her second visit for three weeks and she was in great form. She said she had been able to organise her thoughts which allowed her to organise her life and did not have the need to take things which were not hers.

I have not worked on anyone whom I knew to suffer from Kleptomania in the past but now I wonder is stress the cause of it and is the work I do a method of solving the problem.

If you suffer from Kleptomania or know someone who does I will do a special price for you as I want to do a study of the results of my work.

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Rathnure Camogie Players

‘Wexford Camogie’
It was great to see the Wexford girls do the double in this years senior and intermediate All Ireland Camogie titles.
Five of the Rathnure girls who were on the teams were up here with me in the clinic for a few visits to get rid of a few aches and pains before the big day. It paid off handsomely for them as they all played great stuff and earned their medals.
I was particularly happy for Bernie Holohan who got both a senior and intermediate medals.
Bernie was unable to play last year and missed out on a senior medal as she was pregnant with Sam who had his first birthday recently.
She is one of the girls whom I warned she would be more fertile after a particular work session I did on her back nearly two years ago. I did tell her to be careful but I know Michael, her husband and herself would not swap Sam for a medal. He is a lovely little boy. (see my infertility page)

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