Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

Please see some of the testimonials from my valued customers:

Melissa – Co. Waterford

“I am a teacher from Waterford and had been suffering from Vertigo for 6 years when I came to Brian\’s clinic a few months ago. The severity and instances of the vertigo attacks were getting progressively worse and I was beginning to fear for my job and in my ability to drive.

After five sessions of a combination of CranioSacral Therapy and Spinology over a three week period all traces of dizziness had gone. I have had no recurrence of my vertigo ever since!”

Thomas – Co. Longford

“I am a keen footballer and have represented my county at numerous age groups all the way up to senior level. A couple of seasons ago, I started to suffer from a re-occurring hamstring injury. I was forced to pull out of the panel as I could not keep myself 100% match fit. As you can imagine, I was very disappointed. A work colleague told me about Brian and I arranged a visit. On the first session, Brian told me that my pelvis was tilted which caused the hamstring problem.

Three sessions was all it took to get me back right. I have also noticed that I have a lot more energy and that my general mood is better.

I now attend Brian once a month in order to keep everything in check. Thank you for all your help and I will see you again soon!”

Claire M – Co. Wicklow

“I have attended the practice over the past four years with various problems recurring kidney infections, nausea and back pain. I have always gotten great relief for my headaches and back pain and I have not had a kidney infection in years!

I would highly recommend Brian as an excellent practitioner and wish him every success in the years to come!”

Larry C – Co. Waterford

“Many thanks Brian for all the hard work you have done on me over the years. When I became one of your clients over 20 years ago I suffered from bad headaches and low back pain. My bad back restricted all aspects of my life.

Since attending you, my quality of life is so much better. I am 70 next month and in great health thank god!”

Marie H – Co. Wicklow

“I first attended Brian five years ago with low back pain. After the first visit I felt better. After a few sessions the pain was gone altogether.

Prior to going to Brian, I had been to doctors, had two MRI scans, attended a physiotherapist as well as several other practitioners, none of whom helped me. I do not drive and must get the bus over to see Brian but I think it is worth it his results speak for themselves!”

Lorna K – Co. Kildare

“I first discovered I had scoliosis when I was 24 years old. It was during treatment for a neck injury that I was shown the problem on x-rays by a professional I was being treated by. I had always suffered various back related complaints – migraine, neck pain, lower back pain and an uneven waist. As a horse rider I was unable to ride with even stirrups or to flex correctly to the right to control the horse as necessary.

When this professional retired, I tried several times to seek alternative treatment but had little luck. Various other healthcare professionals told me that it may be possible to prevent my condition from worsening but not to improve my current condition. This was very disheartening and I ended up only seeking treatment when I was in severe need.

It was a friend who offered to bring me down to see Brian Moore. Admittedly, I was not familiar with Spinology of any of Brian’s therapies but such was the pain, I was willing to try anything.

Brian was the first person who I went to who actually gave me any hope of improving my condition and had a positive outlook for me. He was also the first person to actually physically look at my posture and back rather than relying on x-rays and scans.

Brian informed me that my hips were out of alignment, my waist uneven and my posture left a lot to be desired. I also had a problem with my right shoulder. It was impossible for me to drop, relax or twist back my shoulder which was very frustrating. I had this problem checked with a variety of healthcare professionals, but none were able to diagnose or treat the problem.

Treatment consisted of a mix of muscle massage, joint manipulation and cranio-sacral therapy. This left me feeling much more relaxed and supple. More importantly, my pain was decreasing after each session. I have been attending Brian for over two years now and I can honestly say that my quality of life has dramatically increased. My posture has improved, I am no longer in pain, my waist is even, I sleep better and do not suffer from migraines anymore. When Brian examined my sore shoulder, he instantly found that I had a contracted muscle under my armpit. Over several sessions, he has worked on this problem and now I have regained all lost flexibility and movement. I am back riding competitively with no pain and full movement in the saddle. Two years ago, I feared I may never ride again.

To anyone who is in needless pain or disillusioned with their current course of treatment, I would strongly advise you to pay Brian a visit!”

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