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Q. Can you put in a “Slipped Disk” ?
A. I can sort out the problem which is commonly called “a slipped disc”

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About the Condition

There is no such thing as a ‘Slipped Disc’.

It is not physically possible for a ‘disc’ to slip. The intervertebral disc acts as a cushion or shock-absorber between the bodies of the vertebrae.

A disc can bulge or it can be herniated but it can not slip.

The fibres of the disc are fused into the fibres of the vertebrae and a person would not survive the force it would take to separate the two.

The condition that is commonly called a ‘Slipped Disc’ is actually a misalignment of the vertebrae at the Facet Joint.

Facet Joints are the joints of the spine that allow us to bend and flex. They are ‘proper joints’ complete with their own joint capsule and are encapsulated in muscle.

Please go to my  Back Pain page for further information.

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