Deep Muscle Massage

Deep muscle / tissue massage is a form of massage therapy that focuses on relaxing and releasing the deeper muscles, ligaments and tendons in the areas of discomfort. It is very like normal massage therapy but the pressure applied in the area being massaged is greater and usually slower. It can be painful but only to the extent that a client can cope with. The client can always say stop.
When there is an old injury and the muscle pain has become chronic there are often adhesions, areas of painful tense tissue, formed in the muscle, ligaments and tendons. This tension in the tissue interferes with the flow of blood and nerve energy in and beyond that area. The deep muscle massage relaxes the muscle. That allows the blood and energy to flow as it should.
When the blood flows through the area it flushes out the build up of lactic acid reducing the pain almost immediately.
In Chinese Medicine pain is seen as a blockage of energy. If you release the blockage you relieve the pain. I regularly see people with sciatica getting great relief from deep muscle massage out on the hip. The massage relaxed the muscle and allowed the energy to flow again.
There is usually some discomfort after this kind of massage but the benefits far outweigh the discomfort.

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